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Virtual Coach - Defined By Her North Star

The Compass offer protection, journey and adventure.

Diversity and Inclusion. Everyone Is Welcome Here.

Mary Douglas | Consulting & Coaching (She/Her/Hers). 

Our business serves everyone. Diversity and Inclusion is exemplified here. Schedule an appointment feeling safe. 

Safe Space - Neutral, No Agenda, No Judgement.

Mary's philosophy of being a great coach is guidance of the journey ,expression of the adventure and protection through insight. Having a keen understanding of ethical and moral principals.

MDC's North Star is Helping Others. We define that very clearly with the nonprofit

After the inception of the consulting business I realized my service could be used more efficiently in a real time way - Virtually.

So many times in my career I just needed someone for a quick chat.  So, here I am offering that quick chat to you!

When you schedule a phone or video meeting with me, it's your time and your safe space.  I don't need to know your title, company's name, etc. - That type of information is up to you.  

This is "Live" time Coaching.

Use our online appointment system and book the time that works for you.  

Any special requests for times out side of my business hours please e mail : Meetings@MDC.Services

I am not a therapist. I don't pretend to be one!

I am a woman leader who has been working for over 25 years.  My work began in hospitality management, then moved to retail operations management, layering in office management, realtor,  B2B sales, philanthropist.

Fast forward to today. I'm a Specialized Business Consultant. While serving Humanity with Random Acts Of Kindness with the nonprofit -

My "work" finally took me to my calling, serving humanity with Random Acts Of Kindness offering hope. Now I am running a Nonprofit, Kindness To One Another, Inc.

And have the pleasure of serving in the For-Profit space - Consulting, Coaching and Creating CSR Programs for nonprofits.

The nonprofit brings me to a place of deep connection with humanity by stepping in and paying bills for others who could use a leg up.

Consulting continues to allow me to support humanity by educating business acumen and coaching  others for success.

Why This? Why A Safe Space To Talk - Virtually?

Throughout my work life I have had so many situations where I just needed someone to reach out to and ask a question, business related or not. Someone who had experience. 

Sometimes that's all you need is a quick conversation.

Other times you need a block of time to speak with a consulting professional who can share experience and offer alternative solutions.  

At MDC everything is in a Neutral- Non Judgmental- Non Competitive Space. 

Listed below are just some examples of Coaching I have been involved in.

Here Are Some Examples Of Someone Needing A Neutral Space

  • How do I handle this  "X" situation?  
  • How do I respond when I am treated a certain way? 
  • How do I use this metric in this environment?  
  • When is it time to counsel someone formally? 
  • I am being recruited, do I leave this job?  
  • How do I handle a male boss that clearly supports the men on his team? 
  • How do I handle a female boss that has been proven to lie about what she is doing and where she is at on a daily basis?  
  • How do I handle being overlooked for the next level. My results outshine everyone else on the team? 
  • How do I handle being voted "the voice" of the team and having to always stand up for those who can't stand up for them selves. 
  • How do I handle it when after going to my company's human resources, asking for help in a situation, telling the truth - to have it turned back on me because the truth effects upper management.
  • How do I handle finding out my male counterpart is making significantly more than me?
  • How do I handle being fired because I knew to much and I refused to fall in line. 
  • How do I handle bigger than life situations. (being robbed and a gun put in my face)
  • How can I increase customer loyalty.
  • How do I manage upward?
  • How can I grow my company?
  • How do I hire properly?
  • How do I keep people from leaving the company in this crazy climate?
  • How do I recover from being cheated on?
  • How do I tell my family "I'm Gay"
  • How do I go on after my Mother died?
  • How do I get my child into a recovery program. 
  • How Do I...  

Our For-Profit Business Supports

MDC gives 10% of all revenue to through our consulting and coaching business.

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