Program Supporters- Equals- Acts Of Kindness

Paying For Groceries


Have you every been in need of help? How  can your life experience help us, to help others?

Paying A Bill For The Elderly


Is your Mom or Dad in a good place financially?  How would you feel if a family member told you - someone paid my bill today?

Kindness Event In S.F.


MDC & - are on a mission to bring Kindness Events to all of the United States. 

We need you to become a "PS"  

(Program Supporter).

Imagine all the "Good" we can do together.

Electric Bill Paid For


This woman was over the Moon. Every month she has difficulty paying her gas and electric bill. We heard and reacted.

Tell Everyone You Know


MDC wants to reward all Program Supports.

Points = Dollars  

Earn your points and earn your dollars.

Contact us. Let us know you believe in the work and want to join in. We will answer any questions you have.

Uncover Donors To Support Programs. Earn Points.

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