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Corporate Kindness Events


Bringing the leadership teams and associates together by paying a bill for someone in need that works at their company.  Unity and Compassion equals commitment and loyalty.

Adopt a Non-Profit


Aligning for- profit companies with direct philanthropic giving by donating a percent of revenue to multiple "local" nonprofits each month and year.

Conscious Retail Consultant


Breaking the Old and Embracing the New.  Teaching survival techniques in the retail box.  Changing mindsets to succeed and flourish.

Growing Kindness & Social Responsibility within Your Culture

Business Consulting - Marketing - Personal Coach

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Business Consulting:  We consult businesses within the retail sector on hiring practices, human resource services, leadership development, merchandising, store set up and flow, servant leadership, customer commitment objectives, community events and integration of non profits to your business model.

Business Consulting and Marketing: We introduce our for-profit clients to Adopting a Non-Profit.  We assign multiple non-profits to our for-profit clients. Through Adopt a Non -Profit we create exposure- marketing & advertising, community connections, increase business and CSR. From this a percent of sales goes to the non-profits to be able to care for others and carry out their mission. 

Personal Coach:  We develop a personal relationship with an Individual for life guidance, correction of behaviors, conscious decision making which results in an individual being their true authentic self.  We teach individuals how to unzip the you- that you show the world - to revealing the who- you have always been afraid of being.  The real you.  Living your life being conscious allows others to receive your gifts - only you can give.


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Learn how we are stronger together.  When we work together everyone can succeed at a higher level, for-profit and nonprofit alike.  

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