Teaching Corporate Teams how to Embrace Social  Responsibility

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For-Profit and Nonprofit Working Together


Growing Kindness & Social Responsibility within Your Culture

Kindness To One Another is our Non Profit. -in the corporate space is your company's bridge to connect associates to leadership.


Mary Douglas Consulting -MDC- is our for-profit  vessel to introduce as that bridge for your teams. 

MDC teaches and coaches teams in all work sectors to be more aware and connected to a purpose beyond themselves. 

One Life shown kindness can grow to give back, teach and mentor many other lives. 

We started our for profit business because we are passionate about teaching and growing social responsibility.

Your teams fundraise for someone in need, internally or externally from your Company to change a life by paying a bill.

We are going to show your Company or Business how to Grow Kindness within your Culture by become Socially Responsible. Or by layering on different and innovative ways of showing your corporate social responsibility. 

Your organization benefits from increased brand awareness, employee satisfaction and customer retention.  

What is Culture?  

Answer- Kindness, Coalesce and Community

Your company learning about Innovative CSR solutions and Growing in Kindness with MDC

We donate between 10% and 20% of what we make to and other nonprofits in our communities.

We provide your company or business many new and powerful ways to grow and connect your people to you and the communities you live in.  

We have several programs to move your organization to the next level of Social Responsibility.  

Corporate Sponsored Kindness Events- Personal and Individualized Kindness Events - Sponsorships  and Adopting a Non Profit.  

Mary Douglas Consulting - MDC


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