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Corporate Kindness Events


 Bringing the leadership teams and associates together by paying a bill for someone in need that works at their company.  

Unity and Compassion equals commitment and loyalty.

Adopt a Non-Profit


Aligning for- profit companies with direct philanthropic giving by the company donating a percent of it's revenue to multiple "local" nonprofits each month and year to have the nonprofits bills paid for.

Conscious Business Consultant


Breaking the Old and Embracing the New.  Teaching survival techniques in any business environment. Offering solutions and business development strategies. Changing mindsets to succeed and flourish. Direct focus on all operational practices.

Corporate Kindness Events

Corporate Social Responsible


Kindness Events & CSR

Kindness To One Another is our Non Profit -

Kindness To One Another in the corporate space is your company's bridge to connect associates to leadership.  As well as your company to the community.

MDC.Services - is our for-profit  vessel to introduce Kindness To One Another as that bridge for your teams. 

MDC.Services teaches and coaches teams in all work sectors to be more aware and connected to a purpose beyond themselves.  We help ignite the passion again. We forge a stronger bond between employee and corporation.

One life shown kindness can grow to give back, teach and mentor many other lives.

Your teams fundraise for someone in need, internally or externally from your company to change a life by paying a bill.


Internally= Your Associates

Externally= Your Associates Family

We are going to teach your company or business how to Grow Kindness within your culture by doing something meaningful for someone else.


Your organization benefits from increased brand awareness, employee satisfaction and customer retention.  

What does your Culture look like today?  

Are your employees passionate about showing up?  

Are your customers  serving as your brand ambassadors?  

Is your management teams pumped up and engaging the associates with positivity and integrity? 

Your company learning about Innovative CSR solutions and Growing in Kindness with MDC.Services


We provide your company / business many new and powerful ways to grow and connect your people to you and the communities you work in.  

We have several CSR activities to move your organization to the next level of Social Responsibility.  

  • Corporate Sponsored Kindness Events
  • Individualized Kindness Events 
  • Sponsorship's  
  • Adopting a Non Profit


Adopt A Non-Profit

A continued focus on CSR with teaching the importance of aligning your business with multiple nonprofits. We provide the additional nonprofits

Learn How To Drive Your Business, Successfully!

Business Consulting - Nonprofit Marketing - Personal Leadership Coach

MDC.Services : Your Macro and Micro Conscious Consultant

Business Consulting:  We consult businesses on all operations - hiring practices, human resource services, leadership development, asset protection, merchandising, business set up and flow, servant leadership, customer commitment objectives, community events and integration of non profits to your business model. We educate small to mid sized businesses on best practices. We offer building blocks, training and a road maps for sustainable growth. We develop, teach and roll out all new initiatives.

Business Consulting and Marketing: We introduce our for-profit clients to Adopting a Non-Profit.  We assign multiple non-profits to our for-profit clients. Through Adopt a Non -Profit we create exposure- marketing & advertising, community connections, increase business and CSR. From this a percent of sales goes to the non-profits to be able to care for others and carry out their mission. 

Personal Leadership Coach:  We develop a personal relationship with an Individual for life guidance, correction of behaviors, conscious decision making which results in an individual being able to make tough business decisions.  We teach individual leaders how to manage with kindness and uphold ethical business practices. We help an individual manage expectations while executing short term and long term goals for their business. Being a balanced leaders is difficult.  Having a personal business coach can save your business and teach personal balance along with coping skills. Business is business, results need to manifest, accountability must be held and managed. Become a conscious business leader with us to support you. Become the leader you know your capable of being. Share your gifts with the world.   

We Believe In Supporting The Communities We Live In.

We Believe In Supporting The Communities We Live In. 

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Macro is "Where" - Micro is "Why" - Your Business Is...

Macro - Tells You Where Your Business Is At Any Given Time

Macro is also know as the facts. 

You are loosing business, sales are falling, people are leaving your organization. Several locations are struggling but not all. 

Micro - Tells You Why Your Business Is In That Position

Micro is also known as the processes and details.

You have no operational standards, no accountability, no business plan. You are allowing people to steal from you.

For True Success, You Should Adopt A Balance That Utilizes Both Perspectives!

Becoming a healthy organization must incorporate Macro and Micro perspectives and actions that follow.

We are here to help you with both!

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Adopt a Non-Profit &

Kindness To One Another, Inc.

Learn how we are stronger together.  When we work together everyone can succeed at a higher level, for-profit and nonprofit alike.  

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